Worldwide Export and Import FCL(Full Container Load) and LCL(Less than Container Load) service are the most common types of shipments we handle. We can also handle “Reefer”, Oversized, and Irregular container shipments. We can ship almost anywhere on Earth and our team is here to help you through every step.

When it comes to the shipping documentation, the requirements can vary depending on whether you are shipping via air or sea. Additional factors may include whether you choose to drop your documents off at a receiving center or have it collected. Whichever shipping solution you choose, our specialized freight team will be here to assist you and make sure that you have all the documentation that you need.

We will be glad to handle any International Customs and Quarantine requirements for the clearance of, typically highly regulated imports or exports consignments. It’s critical to prepare for and complete these various customs clearance procedures properly, as they are all important in ensuring your goods will be transported and picked up at the destination port promptly and efficiently. We want to help you avoid any unnecessary costs resulting from customs discrepancies. 

Warehousing Service Available

In order to assist with inventory management and help manage your lead times, we offer a warehousing service. By using our warehouse to hold your goods you can free up space in your own facilities and not be weighed down by inventory that is ready to ship. Inventory can be a terrible burden for many businesses but by using our warehouse you can rest assured that your product is safe, secure, and no longer an inconvenience at your facility.